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Production costs, non woven bag is the cheapest kind of bags

Production costs, non woven bag is the cheapest kind of bags, followed by cotton bags, flannel bags and canvas bags the most expensive. From the use of points, supermarket shopping bags most of the adoption of non-woven bags, cotton bags in general as the company's kits, and to put in the company's promotional materials, of course, a considerable part of the company also uses non-woven bags. Flannel bags generally put the bags as a product or the installation of a gift bag of gifts. The canvas bag general as a shopping bag, canvas bag style design is very stylish, very popular nowadays some women like it.

Gift bag non-woven fabrics, fabrics used are generally thick, and between 80-110 grams, printed using screen printing, hot stamping and more, so look more decent. Degradation, non-woven fabrics mainly used for hard and soft food packaging materials, which is also have biggest application areas at this stage. The current recycle bags are struggling to find a way to make the material be able to play the best results, use methods, such as to extend product shelf life, and to explore its applications.

The non-woven basing on starch and other natural substances mainly includes the following products: polylactic acid, polyhydroxyalkanoates, starch plastics, bio-engineering plastics and bio-common plastic (polyolefin and PVC ethylene). In addition to use as packaging materials, people are still trying to make non-woven fabrics used in high-value and high-performance engineering, the potential for such applications. Lint-free cloth woven from 100% polyester fiber surface is soft, easy to clean sensitive surfaces, friction is not off the fiber, with good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Cleaning and packaging of the biodegradable shopping bag Manufacturers product in a clean workshop. Lint-free cloth optional edge general: cold cutting, laser edge, ultrasonic edge. Clean microfiber cloth is generally with a laser, ultrasonic perfection Edge; clean cloth, dust-free cleaning cloth, microfiber lint-free cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth with 100% continuous polyester fiber pairs woven soft surface that can be used wipe sensitive surfaces, dust production and low friction is not off the fiber, good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. It can be applied in clean purification plant. The edge of clean cloth, clean cloth, microfiber lint-free cloth and microfiber cleaning cloth uses the most advanced cutting edge machine. After wiping, it will not leave particles and lint. It has strong decontamination capability.Source:cnmhc

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A traditionally male bag style

Men’s bags have now made it into the mainstream of fashion. A few years ago men could only choose between a backpack and a briefcase to carry all their stuff in, or a sports bag if they were going to the gym. Now they can choose from a huge range of styles and materials ranging from luxury to basic, tote bag to messenger bag. The ‘man bag’ has made the transition from high fashion gimmick, worn only by the most daring and trendy young men, to accepted accessory in all but the most conservative areas. 

Many men though are only just starting to think of getting themselves a bag of their own, so how do they know what to look for in a bag? How can they find a bag that is both masculine and practical?

Here are some tips to help you find a bag that will work for you without anyone mistaking it for a ladies handbag!

1.    Choose a simple structured style. Look for clean straight lines and avoid curvy shapes and gathered materials.
2.    A traditionally male bag style, like a messenger bag, or a fishing bag, is the easiest style to make the transition into carrying a bag. Stylish without being too cutting edge, they are functional and practical.
3.    A messenger bag should be of a reasonable size, preferably big enough to carry a laptop, so it doesn’t look too girly
4.    Get a bag with loads of pockets designed to take all your technological wizardry: with a pocket for your laptop, one for your Blackberry, another for a flash drive, keys and wallet, your bag will feel more functional and less strange. It’s far easier for men to accept a bag with a distinct function, hence laptop bags and camera bags.
5.    Avoid all patterns, designer logos and bright colors until you get used to the idea of a bag. Starting off with classic black or brown is always a safe bet.
6.    Choose a good quality leather, which will wear well. Nylon bags and backpacks are not at all stylish and shouldn’t be combined with work or formal wear. Canvas is a good option for casual use.  
7.    The way you carry your bag is important. A long strapped messenger bag can be slung nonchalantly across the body, with the bag turned to your back, for an informal look. A weightier shoulder bag containing a lap-top can just hang from your shoulder at hip height, don’t make the strap too short though. Carry a tote bag or carryall firmly gripped in your hand, as if it were a briefcase, avoiding the feminine trick of carrying it in the crook of your arm at all costs!
8.    If it makes you feel better carry a small tool set, or something else that has a masculine feel, in your bag!

The fashion for men’s bags is not going to disappear, now Compostable Trash Bags manufacturer men have discovered how useful they really are, so if you don’t want to get left behind and look old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy, it’s about time you found a bag style that you’re comfortable with!

Women’s opinions on men’s bags are almost unanimously positive, saying that they are both practical and sexy for men.  Now the only problem I can see ahead is that women are going to fall in love with men’s bags too and start borrowing their husband’s or boyfriend’s bags, causing untold friction at home!

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